Blender Advanced: Cargo Spaceship

Vaughan Ling
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Video Preview:


In this series we'll be covering the entire process of creating the cargo spaceship from scratch, including modelling, weathering, decals, lighting, rendering and a bit of simple animation to bring it to life.

We'll go step by step in short digestible video sections, each lasting about 10 minutes. Each video section also has a corresponding .blend file to go with it, so you can take breaks or start at any point in the process.

Who is this for:

Artists/designers who want to use 3D as a design tool, but aren't yet comfortable with 3D. Complete beginner or Intermediate level can complete this series. Every step is explained in detail, but there are also alot of workflow tricks that might save time for the more advanced user.  We will be using HEAVYPOLY config which is designed to make learning Blender faster, and is included with this tutorial.

About the instructor:

Vaughan is a visual development artist working in feature animation, specializing in sets, vehicles and props. His credits include Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse, Tron: Uprising, Lego: Ninjago Movie, and Lego Movie 2.

HEAVYPOLY 2.8 Installation:

This tutorial is included in 'Blender For Concept Art', save $38:

Topics Covered:

  • Ship Block Out
  • Container Boolean Cuts
  • Neck Pipes
  • Spaceship Detailing
  • Main Triangle Truss
  • Geo Text
  • Assigning Materials
  • Procedural Dirt Paint Shader
  • Decals
  • Bevel Modifier
  • Fixing Boolean Glitches
  • Node Groups
  • Rocket Details
  • Booster FX
  • Easy Graphics
  • Collection Instances
  • Volumetric Atmosphere
  • Driveby Animation
  • Camera Animation
  • Switching Cameras
  • Lighting
  • Final Render

Product Details:

  • Images and Textures
  • 1920x1080 HD Video, downloadable forever
  • 37 Video sections
  • 37 corresponding .Blend files including final render scene
  • Avg video section length: 10 minutes
  • Total Runtime Over 9 hours


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Blender Advanced: Cargo Spaceship

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